[Tutorial]How To nicely convert Videos for any Android Device

[Tutorial]How To nicely convert Videos for any Android Device

We love our Android Devices and many times we love playing videos on it. We all have cool and interesting videos related to artistes, documentary, music, nature, movies, etc which we all plan to watch the videos on the go i.e during travelling, appointment waiting time,queues. In many cases there is a problem of video being incompatible with our Android Devices. Some dont support WMV, FLV, MKV, AVI etc. There is a solution for this by installing a third party apps from the Play store. The problem with third party apps are they use software decoding instead of hardware decoding method used by stock android players.

So for enjoying lag free hardware decoding ,we need to get the video in format compatible with our androids.However Windows users can feel peace for this conversion problem by using DVDVideoSoft’s ‘Free Video to Android Converter’ Which is a complete all in one video converter which is freeware too.

The installation of the Windows PC application is easy.During installation they may ask you to install some toolbars in your browsers as they get revenue from that.But, if your aren’t comfortable with the Toolbar or plugins you can easily remove the tick for any toolbar’s installation and you can proceed without installing the toolbars.Free Android to Video Converter Software provides User friendly GUI to the user thereby reducing usability difficulty with the PC application.Now lets focus on Video Conversion.You can enjoy any videos for your Android device with proper aspect ratios and full-screen modes.

Steps to Convert Videos to your Device Compatible Format:

Step 1)Start the Free Video To Android Converter from the Start Menu.the application will initialize and you can see a screen like below ,which is the main video converter screen.

Step 2)In the drop down below select your device,If your device is not listed you can select any other device which has similar screen resolution as your device.Even if this doesn’t work for you they have advance settings where you can select the appropriate video and audio profiles according to your device specifications, which we will discuss later in this tutorial.Now select the Desired quality for video ,High quality will result in crisper pixellation free videos but will result in video consuming more storage space.Standard quality will result in medium quality video with balance in storage space and quality and low profile will result in low A/v quality video with lower storage space requirement.

Step 3) if your device isn’t listed select another device from the list which has similar resolution specifications as your device or you can try using preset editor menu by clicking the preset editor button.

How To nicely convert Videos for any Android Device

Select theVideo Format, Width and height according to your device video specifications ,and select the audio Format,sample rate,channels ,Bit-rate according to your device audio support,for A/V specifications you can refer GSMarena.com . Give a description for your own customized preset by giving your android device name to it and hit ‘ok’ button.

Step4) Now Click on Add files Button which opens a file menu dialog box where you can select your video files ,and yeah multiple selection is allowed :) ,If you need to change the name of converted video file you can hit output name button where you can enter your desired name for converted video. Yo can also select the output path where the Converter will dump the complete converted videos.

Tutorial convert Videos for any Android Device

Step5) All done.Now just hit Convert button and your video conversion process will start which will take some moments depending on your Video  Type ,PC  hardware and Software Configuration.

For Downloading The Windows Compatible PC software, just Click the link below which will open the Software Developer’s Page.