Run Windows Xp/98/95 On your Multi-core Android phone

Bochs Install Windows

The Android-Apple war has given rises to neck to neck competition in the phones hardware field. This OS war has resulted in increasing number of phone that are fast enough to challenge the computing power of traditional PCs. Dual Core, Quad Core phones are increasing at a tremendous rate. Very few apps or games utilize the full potential of such a great hardware. Our phones are now capable of running even the Operating System that were designed for PCs decade back. Now we are going to tell you how to use the full potential of your multicore smartphone.

Run Windows Xp/98/95 On your Multi-core Android phone
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Have you ever thought of running a Windows Operating System on your Smartphone/Tablet ? If yes ,this would be like a dream come true for you guys.
Xda developer korvs2003 has successfully created an Android emulator that allows us to Run Windows Xp/98/95 On your Multi-core Android phone. BOCHS for Android allows us to emulate the Windows Operating system on our Android phone just by installing the app and following the tutorial. The keyboard and the mouse functionality  are accessed by the touchscreen and the On-Screen keyboard software. BOCHS for android is a wonderful took if you want to experience Windows on your phone.

Check out the Download link for BOCHS

Here is the Tutorial by acocalypso from XDA about how to install Windows XP for BOCHS emulator

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