Rabbit Launcher cheers android users with its 3D awesomeness

Welcome to Rabbit Launcher

Just when you think Android Lauchers are lacking development or new features, development team comes out with a new innovative spin on your home launcher. I love it. I wish I could take the ideas I have in this brain of mine, and learn how to develop a launcher to see it come to life. Well speaking of coming to life. This launcher that has recently hit the Play Store is sure to bring some life to your device.

Rabbit Launcher is the new boy on the block, that not only brings you a launcher experience reminiscent to Go Launcher Ex and ADW. It brings in an eye-catching 3D UI that makes your screen come to life. Your icons in the dock get some life added to them, with some good ole’ floating transparent cubes to compliment them. Themes and live wallpapers get added to the mix, and when scrolling through your homescreens, the wallpaper reactions to the direction you are scrolling.

Another thing that really caught my attention, was how much memory the launcher was taking up. Usually launchers swallow up more than any of the apps that are running, but Rabbit Launcher seemed not be using up as much memory as other launchers use. This will definitely help battery life,

So I would highly recommend checking this launcher out. Not just for the 3D interface, but because it is FREE. Yes free. If you liked Go Launcher Ex, you will like Rabbit Launcher. The Rabbit Launcher Dev Team is just getting started with this home replacement, so much more awesomeness is to come my Android friends. Check out the video as well to further see what I am talking about.