Facebook for Android

Howdy Readers and Friends,

The developers of “Facebook for Android” app recently rolled out a Major Update for about 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 users with say a lot of new features, so we thought of throwing a light on the new update of “Facebook for Android“.

According to the Google Play Store, the recent updates rolled out are-

• The Facebook for Android(camara app) makes the use of your device’s front camara  to capture shots and instantly upload.
• New features in the Facebook for Android(messager app) added like switching between conversations, include friends of  Friends and share bigger photos.
• Minor bugs fixed.

To Start up with the Hands-on Review for the Android App Facebook For Android,  the first thing that srikes our mind when we talk about review is User Interface(UI), and yes the update does not gives up any big noticable UI changes.

The next thing that comes up in everybody’s mind is, Functionality, which is noticable by every user, a drastic update(on the grounds of functionality) can be observed in the first few minutes of accessing Facebook for Android.

Features like secendory camara of your device is used to capture snaps and instantly upload it and the snaps can be easily shared in the messenger is like an eye-candy and makes it more addictive for all the Facebook addicts.

The “Pull down to Refresh” thing no more exists and it auto refreshes which has eventually resulted in a lowering down the navigation speed even at 3g/WiFi connectivity, leading to noticable increment in loading time and data usage over 3g/WiFi.

The users are now facing troubles in posting/commenting using the app.

The app occupies a lot of background processing data, hence reducing the life of battery, we have observed that after updating Facebook for Android there is a fall of 4-5 hours in the battery backup on a complete battery cycle.

The rolled out update of Facebook for Android is seemed to be highly critisized over the Google Play Store by its users, infact its for the first time we have obsered so many NEGITIVE REVIEWS for such a popular app. a snapsot of the Google Play Store is right below.Facebook for Android reviews on Google Play- AndroidNova.org

Summarizing the positives and the negatives, Team AndroidNova rates it 3.5/5, as the updates are good enough for every facebook addict, making there life over Facebook for Android much convinient to use the App, on the other hand, we  do expect an another update to be rolled out soon fixing the bugs faced/reported by a majority of the users.