Biology to Information Technology – Interdisciplinary

In the previous article of BioGRIDs, We introduced the bioinformatics with a grid computing technology. Many researchers, scientists, computer professionals or domain experts try to solve complexities of biology via their computing skills and information technology and it’ll continue in future since Genomic Revolution.

Biology to Information Technology – Interdisciplinary

Now the question raised is, “Has the Biology gave something to the Information Technology in RETURN GIFT …!!!”, instead of only its complex problems.

Well the answer is YES … YES … YES …The biology gives us DNA, NEURON, EVOLUTION..!!. Sounds Funny but its not;

The three things we are introducing are as follows:

1 .The DNA

2. The Neuron

3. The Evolution

1. The DNA [only TGAC matters]

Deoxyribonucleic Acid, a nucleic acid containing genetic instructions used in development & functioning of all living organism DNA segments carrying genetic information are called genes. Skipping long material on biological feature our consideration is how it helps Information Technology. It Helps in form of “STORAGE” …socked!!!! yes STORAGE – like our storage devices, hard drives, flash drives..etc.

DNA stores complete genetic information, like eye color, skin color, evolution information, protein information etc…list is too long. In DIGITAL WORLD it is assumed by researchers or scientists that there are more than 700TB (terra bytes) of digital information stored in single gram of DNA. It sounds amazing, it means 1-Gram DNA is sufficient for the whole community to store their digital data (sufficient may be for life long), and the another thing that really surprised is its size…DNA covers about average “3nm” space… Now store all your data on a nib of stitching pin instead of using heavy storage media.

2. The Neurons [signaling and transmitting]

Neurons process and transmit information in human body via electric & chemical signal. And this communication is may be more faster than sound.  Synapse or membrane of neuron makes signaling possible. Connection of neuron creates neural networks. Neuron or neural network make human sensible, all control from nervous system, sensible neuron respond to touch, sound, light etc., motor neuron receives signal from the brain & spinal cord, because muscle contraction, inter-neurons connect neurons to other neuron within same region of the brain or spinal cord(wikipedia). Neuron are the main component of human body for transmitting information of each bit of activity inside or outside.

In Digital World there is Artificial Neural Networks(ANN). A computation model inspired from natural neurons. It consists of inputs like (synapses), multiply by weights & computed by mathematical function which determines the activation of neurons, then generates output. Higher the weight of an artificial neuron is, the stronger the input which is multiplied by it will be. A neural network is a parallel system. Its just like human neural anatomy, make computer intelligent or sensible and we can also define it as “more intelligent”, “more efficient”, “more capable”, “more sensible”.

3. The Evolution [gene, genome and genetics]

Human evolution is the lengthy process of change by which people originated from ape-like ancestors. Scientific evidence shows that physical & behavioral traits shared by all people originated from ape-like ancestors & evolved over a period of approximately six thousand years. (via reference)

Most of Geeks/Readers know the Darwin theory of Evolution, the inherited characteristics of biological population over successive generation.

In Information Technology, this evolution process is now known as Evolutionary Computing, that involves combinatorial optimization. Its implementation is done by genetic algorithm/genetic programming and now we all know about Genetic Engineering (the new field of engineering). Genetic algorithm is a heuristic search that mimic the natural evolutionary process, it generate useful solutions to optimization & search problems using techniques inspired by natural evolution, such as inheritance, mutation, selection and crossover.?

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“In next coming article we’ll consider how these all these computing stuff works, with bit introduction of softcomputing and we try to integrates the each interdisciplinary changes our future.”