[App Review ] G Cloud Backup –> all in one solution for your Device Back up


Hello Everyone…
Are your dreaming about cloud computing on your android device? With a single app to back up all your data?
Well Google Play store fulfills it with its ‘G Cloud Backup’ app.

With the advancement in cloud computing. Android is back in the game with its free backup storage app, and that too on cloud with G cloud backup.

This app will effortlessly and seamlessly back up your data, including sms, call logs, and most, if not all, your snaps, videos, phone book. with the most promising encrypted algo to protect it from being misused
Just select what you want to back up and you are worry free!!
Its free availability just adds another star.

After installing, get instant access to cloud your valuable data upto 1 GB of storage for free users and more for paid ones.

With the most starring feature of backing up the data on every day basis with which the user has not to take the headache of backing up daily, it may top the chart as well!

This app might rule the kingdom of back up and recovery apps. So be the master not the slave

So go ahead and have a look at it.
This may pay you the best.