Android App Development – #1

Hello nerds, This is my first tutorial on how to make a Hello Android Application.

This is a step by step tutorial which may take almost half an hour if you are kind of slow. So I suggest you get a full cup of coffee or diet coke if you are health freak :)

Installing Eclispe and Android SDK

Step 1: Download Eclipse and Android SDK below from the following sites:


how to make a Hello Android Application

Step 2: Extract both zip files

making Hello Android Application tutorial

Step 3: Double Click on eclipse and wait for it to load up.

Android App Development #1

Step 4: Select a workspace.

android helloworld

Step 5: Lets Install the ADT Plugin
Goto Help -> Install New Software

Step 6: Click Add, in the top-right corner

Step 7: Fill in the information as follows and click OK


           Name: ADT Plugin


Step 8: Tick the Check mark box for Developer Toolsand select Next

Step 9: Select Next again.

Step 10: Read and Accept License and hit Finish

Step 11: If you get a security warning saying that the authenticity or validity of the software can’t be established, click OK.

Step 12: Select Restart Now

Step 13: As you can see we have avd and sdk in eclipse!

Step 14: Select Android SDK Manager
Window > Android SDK Manager

Step 15: Tick the Tools and Android 2.3.3 Checkmark boxes and hit Install

Creating a Android Project

Step 16: In Eclipse, select File > New > Project

Step 17: Open the Android Tab and Select Android Project then hit Next

Step 18: Name the Project Name: HelloWorld and hit Next

Step 19: Select Android 2.3.3 and hit Next. I have different Android versions because I installed more than 1.

Step 20: Change the Package Name to:



and select Finish

Editing the Application

Step 21: Open the tab HelloWorld > res > layout > main.xml . So once you open main.xml, you will see the layout of the app.

Step 22: If you have finished your coffee then get one more cup of coffee because I forgot I had coffee with me. lol..

Step 23: Choose Screen Size, in this case I have an hvga device. Choose which fit your phone.

Step 24: Select main.xml tab and change vertical to horizontal.

Step 25: Connect your phone to computer. Make sure USB Debugging is checked.

Step 26: Press Ctrl+F11 and select Android Application then hit Ok.

Step 27: Congrats! You have done it. You now created a HelloWorld Application.