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Published on: June 26, 2013

Xolo Product Map -
Xolo Product Map -

Sleek, Fast and Classy this is what next Xolo Q900 going to feature. Xolo is working on umpteen numbers of devices this quarter. After launching many budget ranged phones, Xolo is again set to launch another new Budget ranged Smartphone.

Xolo Q900 is expected to feature with 7.X mm thickness. Rest of the feature will be same like the previous mediatek chips based devices of Xolo.

Some of the basic specification of this phones are :-

  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor (Mediatek Chip expected)
  • 4.7 inch HD IPS Display
  • 8 Mega Pixel Autofocus Camera with LED Flash
  • 7.X mm Thickness
  • Android Jelly bean (4.2)

In the same concept, Xolo Q1000+ will join hands with Xolo Q900 which will feature with almost same specifications but with 6.X mm thickness which is already revealed in our leaks.

As per Xolo Official Product Road Map, following smartphones are expected to come this quarter :-

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Categories: Latest News
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Published on: June 26, 2013
17 Comments - Leave a comment
  1. Shajeet says:

    Good work Kabir keep it up. Proud of you.

  2. Srijith G Kamath says:

    Why is that review or unboxing of Xolo X910 is not out yet, have they not yet launched the phone officially. Can you guys dig out the facts on this one??? Since you guys been the ones who leaked news about it. It’s out of stock on all prominent ecommerce sites for a month or so, neither there is any review of the handset anywhere on WWW. Was really looking forward to a budget Intel powered smart phone. Thanks and Regards and keep up the good work.

    • kabir kabir says:

      Xolo hasnt provided Xolo X910 to any reviewing authority that’s why

      • Srijith G Kamath says:

        Does that mean that they have not officially launched the phone, then when it will be available in the market??? Thanks Kabir for your reply

        • kabir kabir says:

          It is officially launched. But, out of stock as for now. Companies like samsung , micromax, provide phones to reviewers to review their devices but this time Xolo hasn’t provided their phone to anyone.

          • Srijith G Kamath says:

            Thank you Kabir for the response. Waiting for the unboxing and review of the phone. Hope you guys will do that pretty soon.

          • Srijith G Kamath says:

            Dear Kabir,

            Just when I thought that Xolo x910 had a untimely demise, the phone started showing up in-stock in Flipkart. There was this info that the company was going to kill the product. Do you have any news that whether the company is actually going to kill x910 and are they clearing the stock, Coz It’s been a over month the product was out of stock and suddenly it resurfaced. Thanks and regards.

          • Srijith G Kamath says:

            Dear Kabir

            Interestingly Xolo x910 was listed @ flipkart for Rs 8896, yesterday, coming out of prolonged out-of-stock tag. Today the price shoots up to Rs 11499. What does that mean??? Does that mean they have made some improvements??? Or is it just result of plummeting rupee. First time I have seen such a huge price shift upwards. The phone is indeed a mystery. (Pardon my obsession with the phone, I was really looking forward to it since you guys leaked its news and sorry in advance if I am pestering you with queries on this phone)
            Thanks and regards

        • kabir kabir says:

          Feel free to ask anything. The thing is, Intel is cleaning its large scale manufactured single core chips and thus, selling them with the help of Xolo in India. And the left stock is low now. Xolo x910 is going to be out of stock in the near quarter and a new dual core clover trail based phone could be up in the near time by Intel-Xolo.

          • Srijith G Kabir says:

            Dear Kabir,

            Thanks for your response. Good job and keep it up. Will keep up with your post for news and leaks. Once again Thanks and regards.

          • Srijith G Kamath says:

            Dear Kabir,

            Is it still a good buy at a Price range of Rs 10500 to 11500.

          • kabir kabir says:

            Phone depends on person to person. Like Some people who are brand conscious will move towards Samsung and Sony. Those who like Xolo and Intel’s performance will definately consider X86 based phones. X910 is definitely a happy buy. But remember, Xolo is very poor in providing timely updates and service, even Intel is the one who is coding firmware. And don’t expect any further updates after 4.1.2.

  3. mohit varma says:

    Too good bro….genius hai bhai tu to….keep up the good work :) !!

  4. varun says:

    आपके काम के लिए यही कहूँगा
    The best work ever done by any techn.

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