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Wishtel India to launch Linux Based Tablet-Netbook

3 Dec , 2012  

Wiishtel Linux Tablet
Wishtel India to launch Linux Based Tablet-Netbook

Wishtel India to launch Linux Based Tablet-Netbook

Wishtel India, one of the Datawind competitor is planning to launch a low cost Linux Tablet. According to our sources the tablet will have an Arm Architecture and will run the Linux. Insiders told us that they are testing the Tablet with different Linux flavors, and would Ubuntu is their first priority. Though there are plenty of Linux flavors in the world , but Ubuntu is considered as best of them.

“Our objective as a technology and manufacturing company is to create affordable range of products that can contribute to society by extending education for free and without boundaries,” Wishtel CEO Milind Shah said in a statement.

The tablet would be named as PrithV. It will have a Tablet and a Netbook model. The tablet model will cost about 3000 bucks(Indian Rupees) approx 50US$, While the Netbook will costs 6000 (Indian Rupees) approx 120US$.

Last year Wishtel lost the bid to the Datawind for the Akash tablet put by Indian Government. Wishtel says  “it will participate in the bidding for second round when the government floats a tender.”

“We intend to offer our solutions to universities and schools worldwide and empower every student with a PC enabling them to learn and educate themselves beyond textbooks, access and create their own knowledge,” Shah said.

The platform is being developed jointly by Wishtel and Homi Bhabha National Institute(One of the best education institute in India). PrithV will  supports 85 global languages which include 23 Indian languages. It also comes loaded with educational suite to offer self learning software for pre-primary, tertiary and higher education, it said.

Now with such innovations are being made for students, its just a matter of time that books gonna be replaced by Tablets. And that would definately increase the education standard all across the India. Well that’s what we say “Padhenga India tabhi toh badhenga India”.

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