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Google Releases Platform Distribution Statistics

Hello Readers,

With the end of November comes a data of Android platform distribution numbers.  Google has once again updated their numbers, showing our old buddy Gingerbread’s  version holding almost 51% of the chart down from 54.2% in October ,Our new buddy  Jelly Bean is making gains to 6.7%, up 4% from last month.

Current Distribution

The following pie chart and table is based on the number of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending on the data collection date noted below.


Data collected during a 14-day period ending on December 3, 2012

Historical Distribution

The following stacked line graph provides a history of the relative number of active Android devices running different versions of the Android platform. It also provides a valuable perspective of how many devices your application is compatible with, based on the platform version.

Notice that the platform versions are stacked on top of each other with the oldest active version at the top. This format indicates the total percent of active devices that are compatible with a given version of Android. For example, if you develop your application for the version that is at the very top of the chart, then your application is compatible with 100% of active devices (and all future versions), because all Android APIs are forward compatible. Or, if you develop your application for a version lower on the chart, then it is currently compatible with the percentage of devices indicated on the y-axis, where the line for that version meets the y-axis on the right.

Each dataset in the timeline is based on the number of Android devices that accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending on the date indicated on the x-axis.

Lets hope we see Jellybean having rising percentages and more people enjoying the goodness of jellybean features.

Content and Image courtesy Google


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