Swappa vs eBay: The epic standoff

Last time we gave you all a review on what exactly is Swappa and how it was made up to stand against giant marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. Todays article will be all about how well it actually stands up against these well-known trade websites particularly Swappa vs eBay.

  • Swappa, set up for genuine buyers and sellers, is today a people-driven trading ground as opposed to eBays Trader driven listings. This simply means, you get to interact with the buyer and ask for further information on the device youre purchasing.
  • Swappa is a mobile-exclusive trading place unlike eBay where a plethora of things are sold.
  • Swappa is a forum where you get to bargain and get to choose devices.
  • You actually get to know what youre getting in the package. Listings are reviewed and verified by Swappa staff. Every listing on Swappa requires Swappa staff review and approval for buyer protection.
  • If you want to sell your phone on Swappa you won’t have to pay any marketplace fees, whereas on eBay you will have to pay listing and commission fees. Swappa charges the buyer instead of the seller. This is what makes Swappa good for selling mobile devices.
  • No junk devices. No bad ESNs, no cracked screens, no water damage. Devices must be ready for activation. Close monitoring by the Swappa team helps in genuine listings.
  • Swappa offers a Paypal transaction while some eBay sellers dont use Paypal.

All in all, eBay is great for getting deals on tech, but you never really know what youre getting, and auctions are a hassle. If you want to buy a used Android phone quickly, easily and cheaply, Swappa is the place to do it. A personalized customer interaction with Swappa team has made Swappa the to-go place and fiercely holds its place against the mighty old players.

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