Skype For Android Updated-Popular Tablets Are Now Supported

Skype from Microsoft having a user base of 600 million recently updated their Android app. Google and Microsoft are at war when it comes to the new launches, but it hasnt affected the update of Skype for Android.Though the predecessor has a bit ugly and clumsy interface this one makes Skype work as a charm. Though there are very few apps on Google Play that are Tablet optimized , It is very welcome to see tablet optimized version of Skype 3.0 and we hope to see more developers follow on the same.  Lets see what this new version offers to us-

1. Cleaned and Smooth UI :

If you have used the earlier version of the Skype on tablet you would know how terrible the UI was. The phone based app which was forced to run on Android showed many terrible bugs on high screen sized devices. The buttons and menus werent touch optimized thus creating a trouble while selecting a option.  This Skype ver 3.0 has a great support for tablets. Especially the Landscape mode of the App allows effectively utilize the full potential of the app. Though the portrait mode still not to comfortable as that of landscape. The smaller screen sized tablets like Nexus 7, and other tablets that are often used in portrait mode will find this app a bit hassle. Hope Skype fixes that in the upcoming update.

2. Sign in and Merge with Microsofts Account :

After Microsoft bought Skype, this move was expected. Now with this new app you can merge your Skypes Account with Microsofts Account. If you have used Windows 8 , then you might have idea how Microsoft is adding its account support on various Metro apps . This would allow you to sync your contacts from Microsoft account on your Skype account. Thus making one place for all your contacts.

3. Improved Call Quality :

Call failure and poor call quality is one what Nexus users specially tablet user complains about. With this update Skype managed to provide a clear and crisp sound. Even the video calls were smooth on my slow speed 3G data. Hats off to Skype for making this update smooth and fast.

Heres the market link fro the updated Skype.
Skype Google Play

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