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Samsung selling S2 with downgraded specs in Asian markets

8 Jun , 2012  

In some countries of Asia, Samsung is selling devices with the same body but different chipset.

We had different version of SG2 called i9100G. Well why is that so? Basically, it is the Galaxy S2 with everything the same (the camera, the body, the screen etc) except the chipset. Samsung replaced the Exynos chipset in the original S2 with the TI OMAP 4430 (the one in the Galaxy Nexus). This won’t be a big deal for many people, but for some of them who are techie like us, it is a big deal. Why? Let’s find out.


The Exynos chipset in the original was The Best (not one of the best, mind it) chipset till this February. It is still one of the best chipset in the mobile world. The same chipset with higher clock speed of the GPU and 2 more cores clocked at 1.4 GHz is used in the Galaxy S3. So why does this matter? As most people preferred the S2 over the Galaxy Nexus just because of this processor. After more than a year of its launch, there is still no app or game which lags on this chipset. It purely matters a lot to us, the techies.


Secondly, since the hardware has been changed, you can’t install the custom ROMs of the original S2 on the S2G. So how does this matter then?

The Galaxy S2 has the best development at the moment. It has got official support from the CyanogenMod and MIUI teams. Samsung sold over 20 million original Galaxy S2s, and even if we take 0.5% of the customers as developers, it is quite a lot. And the S2G? It barely has 1-2 custom ROMs. It also did not get a separate developer’s thread at XDA. This may not matter many people, who do not install any ROMs or root their devices but we techies know just how much ROMs matter.

Now obviously, many people must have a question in mind. The S2G is smooth enough. Then what is the need of custom ROMs? Well, ROMs are not just for performance boost, it also increases the eyecandy of the device, and also increases the amount of customization we can do. The ROM MIUI is the best looking ROM we have ever tried, while the stock CM ROM is the smoothest ROM we have ever seen. Many people will get bored by the TouchWiz UI on their Samsung devices, and you can take a break from it by flashing these ROMs.

Also with this you can get better sound quality by flashing Beats Mod on your device for example. Also, in the future, when better apps and games come, there will be a time when the original S2 lags (obviously), then you can install an OverClocked kernel for much faster and smoother performance. So it also helps in making the device future proof.

Whatever we mentioned in the above paragraphs, that does not happen on the Galaxy S2G.


Well, the things that we said about the processor and the custom ROMs will not at all matter to those people who use their phones just for the day to day functions (like facebooking, taking pictures, playing some games, texting and phone calling), and if they have got a S2G, they will have no problem with using the duplicate device, except one – official Samsung support.

What does this mean now? Let’s see that with a real example.

Since the S2 was the top-selling device by Samsung, it got the update to Android v4.0 first, and then followed by the Note. The Galaxy S2G still hasn’t got the ICS update, which did annoy many people. People with the original S2 have already got the ICS update for over 3 months, while the S2G customers are still waiting for the update. So we are pretty sure that this is a matter for all of us- even for the people who are using their phones just for the day to day purposes.

So what can we do now? Nothing! Samsung has finally stopped selling the S2G! Now everyone is getting the original S2. But Samsung is still selling the duplicate Galaxy Ace (5830”i”).

We can only hope that Samsung stops doing that. And also that Samsung does not do the same with the Galaxy S3.

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  1. claudia Rogers says:

    you look so cute andy !!!

  2. juandavid says:

    sirve una rom del s2g para el s2 ???

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