Samsung to launch first flexible screen devices in 2013

Samsung is ready to showcase its innovation capability by launching its YOUM flexible screens next year. according to the BBC, Samsung is ready to ship the first devices to the market in the first half of 2013.

Samsung wants to take the lead with flexible screens. Samsung isnt the only one who develop flexible screens. LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia are all working on flexible displays, according to the report LG started with flexible e-ink displays and are mass producing them already. Samsung wanted to use their own OLED technology inside the new flexible displays, OLED is also the future of displays.


These Devices with fold able displays can be useful in many application as it will change the ergonomics of the devices, we expect a great comfort and customization for use due to such new technology.If you are new to this news Samsung had showcased these displays earlier at many technology events. Samsung says that these display are completely unbreakable(Cant confirm unless we use it). You can check the video below for checking out the look and feel of the devices with such flexible display technology.

Our hope are high with these devices, lets see what it offers. Stay tuned with for more.