Make your Android look like Windows Phone

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Make your Android look like Windows Phone


Hello Readers,

I am writing this by my own and yeah i’m not drunk, mainly AndroidNova doesn’t endorse Windows.We don’t use windows phone but at some point in life we need to get used to to the new tile concept ushered by Microsoft in Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

I have interviewed some geeks and mostly all disagree the tile interface concept.But,wait a moment.there are lots of my non geeky friends and family members who like the tile interface.

If you love the idea of tiles interface over icons, here’s an app you will like t to try out i.e Tile Launcher Beta App. While it’s not a full ripoff of Microsoft Windows 8 smartphone interface because, you can still have a custom background for the tiles),But it does what it promises i.e brightly colored squares on a continuous scrolling homescreen.

While I’ve never been a huge fan of the Windows Phone interface as is, the tiles here are pretty slick and, as in the left-hand screenshot above, with some custom icon tweaking they can be made to look gorgeous. Most default tiles won’t be anything more than app icons on giant colored squares they are not interactive like the windows phone tile But it may look nice for some, who are bored of stock interface.

There are a few  good and unique features, you can customize spacing between tiles. As stated before, you can change your wallpaper, and even choose a live one, if you’d like. Best of both worlds! Also, scrolling isn’t top-down as it is on most launchers and, instead, this launcher provides  horizontal mobile desktop. If you’ve used any Metro-style interface, you’ll probably feel same like Windows tile UI.

The app is free to download from the Google Play Store right now.It should be noted out that this app is in the “beta” state.

While adding tiles and launching apps worked flawlessly for some users, some features did appear to be broken or incomplete, like adjusting tile transparency. Your experience may depend on your device capability.However we request our readers to try this app as its a quite enjoying interface from the same old boring icon like interface which the I-phone and Android users are much used to.

Free Download From the Google Play Store

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