Evernote Announces Major Update To Skitch for Android

Evernote has announced an update to Skitch, the tool for visually communicating ideas using pictures, shapes, and text. In version 2.0, Skitch has undergone a complete overhaul that includes a new home screen interface as well as new ways to visually manipulate images.

The clean home screen interface makes it easier than ever to jump right in and create a new document by snapping a photo, using an existing picture from your gallery, or even making an annotation on a map. If you don’t quite know where to start, Skitch also makes a blank canvas easily available.

Details include a new, cleaner homescreen, cross-platform sync, improved search and more.  Seeing as how it’s a photo and sketch app at its heart, the new release features some great image-centric options.  Look for additional goodies such as:

  • Pixelate – obscure part of an image to protect private or sensitive information
  • Highlighter – partially transparent paintbrush tool to draw attention to an object or text in the image
  • Planning tool – select, move, resize annotations


Skitch also comes loaded with the power of Evernote, meaning any note you create in Skitch will automatically be synced with the productivity tool. Likewise, Skitch and Evernote’s availability on nearly every major platform means your notes will be accessible no matter where or how you are connected. Otherwise, notes and ideas can be shared via email or social via the “Share” icon at the top of each note.

You can download the app here:

Google Play Store