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19 Jul , 2012  

Hello! It’s time to hide it!

Warning: This app may get too loveable to ever delete.

Why So?

Because in this app you will store your most precious stuff or I can say private stuff .

So let’s begin,

This app was invented by Anuj Tenani and I salute his work from the bottom of my heart.

This app is called ‘Hide It Pro’ and as a disguise you will find it named ‘Audio Manager’ when you install it.


What can it do?

1) Completely Hide your private files including – Songs, Pictures, Videos or any other file

2) Changes the destination of the files so no one can find them from any File Manager (E.g. ASTRO)

3) Hides your private SMS Chats with your friends

4) Hide Apps – If you have a rooted phone, you can even Hide Apps and no one can see the apps once hidden except you!


To begin with, remember this app will be seen as ‘Audio Manager’ and a Audio Symbol as it’s Icon and it will ask for a pin or password for future use.


Once installed go to your gallery and select any file (Photo, video, song etc)

And press the menu button, click share and choose ‘Audio Manager’.


Poof! You’re done! The File is now hidden!

To view the file go to the app and start it,

Long press on the heading ‘Audio Manager’ and enter your password or pin. You will be logged in to view your files here!

(Note -The settings shown to Increase or decrease your Volumes are just a method of disguise)


Another major function is the Lock App (No root needed),

Here you’ll have to download a Add-on for the function to work.

Locking an app will give you an advantage for only you to use the app.

Whenever you open the app it will display a message as ‘Sorry this app has Crashed’

You will see the options ‘Force Close’ and ‘Report’

You just have to click report and enter your password and ~ The app starts!

Magic isn’t it? ;-)

Some More Features –

1)      (This feature blows my mind) You also can set a Escape Pin or Password so that if anyone catches you using the app and if you enter the Escape pin, All your files in the folders in the app will seem empty!

2)      You can set the duration of Long – Press to execute the app.

So what are you waiting for! Get the app!


This is why this is the best hider app in the market.

For any help feel free to send a mail to

Thank you!
You read it on

Be with us! –





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135 Responses

  1. Sheron Schatz says:

    Wow ! I am in love with this app! I searched fr hide pics n vids on google and after a long search came to this website! i am so lucky and feeling so good. thanks a ton androidnova for helping me out! i loved this app! whoever wrote this rocks lol :p ;)

  2. Ajmal says:

    is it possible to retrieve the files that I hided once using audio manager. ..??

    my audio manager app is crashing now ….nd I need to retrieve those files …..
    wat to do. ….? plzz help

  3. player ofthe year says:

    please make this app for iphone, iphone dont have no apps what so ever to hide text messages. you can even have ppl pay & trust me everybody will buy this app.

  4. Katy says:

    I forgot my password and I didn’t set up a recovery email. What can I do now?

  5. Ted says:

    For some reason the picture icon in the app has disappeared. How can I get it back.

    Will I loose my pics if I uninstall the app?

  6. Bella says:

    How do i get my password back?!?!?!?

    • Terri says:

      for Katy and Bella

      you uninstall the app and then re-install it…your files do not get deleted you just get the opportunity to change the password and set up a recovery email.

      I am loving this app

  7. J says:

    The other day my screen cracked and won’t display anything, had to get new phone. How can I retrieve the hidden files from my old phone? Can I do it if I hook it to my computer? Please help, thanx

    • jessica says:

      I know its been awhile since you posted your question. Same thing just happened to me. did you ever figure out how to retrieve the hidden pictures? I have very important pics hidden in the app and really need to get them back!!

  8. Moussa says:

    Just put a memory card in my phone and I would like to move all hidden files onto it. Can I do this from the app?

  9. malykadil says:

    I’m really in trouble. ..
    By mistake I deleted hide it pro
    Now I cant get my files back …
    Pls help me
    Cuz the data I losted is more than 6.4 GB help pls pls

    • rramgude rramgude says:

      Hi there,
      Don’t worry, simply install the app again, and unhide the private stuff and all your data will be accessible.
      Let me know if this works.

      • Samantha says:

        Thank you so much for this post. I just re-installed and got all my pictures back. SOOOO happy right now.

      • sam says:

        Hi there can you help me please i had to do a factory reset so backed up the phone and then restored it once done but when i went back into audio manager ive lost all my photos is there anything i can do ?

  10. Renato says:

    Good afternoon,
    I think my problem is a bit more complicated.
    I have a galaxy s2 which is with the broken screen and I can not turn on it. The Sansung Kies does not recognize my mobile device. However, when I use USB I have access to the folders of the phone. But the hidden files by the application does not appear. Can anyone help me please??

  11. Pavneet says:

    How to get into the app after hiding the icon from menu? Whats the code?

  12. jyotee trivedy says:

    My audio manager got deleted. i downloaded it back again–but i lost all my documents .. how is it possible to retrieve back the same ..pls i need them-my memories of life time…

  13. Sam Odom says:

    Hello I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Its inoperable now. However, I had photos & videos hidden in Audio Manager. How do I retrieve them on my pc. The photos were on the phone itself and not the microsd card. I appreciate your help.


  14. alex says:

    How can i retrieve my picture after uninstall my audio manager app and reinstall on my samsung galaxy S3. I had to setup a new password and my picture was gone.

  15. devon says:

    So i had audio manager with pictures and movies hidden on it. One day I opened it and they were all gone but I wasn’t that worried about it. So I saved other movies and pics to the app and jist the other day I opened it and the first set of movie and pics have come back but my new pics and movies are gone. Any ideas?

  16. lino says:

    i had videos and pictures in this app, but now i dont find them , at same time when i use clean master, they appear there !!! , how this happened and how i find them in my phone !!?

  17. Harsh Kotak Harsh Kotak says:

    To everyone who wants to retrieve their files…
    Connect your android to PC.
    Browse to this location – ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr/
    This is the Vault, I believe.
    All your pictures will be there.

    • vishnu says:

      i tried to change vault location and it shows some error occurred.i lost all my data.
      But i found all my data in ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr/
      but all files are not in jpg format
      How can i convert these to normal images?

    • pavan says:

      no I didn’t get anything over there.. tell me some other way.. I lost most important memory’s in that.. plz do me this favour

    • kritika says:

      I deleted my photos from this language folder…that is vault…now what should I do…plz help

  18. Tony says:

    I broke my phone, so I had to get another phone. How do I retrieve my numbers, pictures?

  19. nirgui says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I accidentally deleted my Hide IT Pro / Audio Manager app. It is loaded with pics and I really need it back.
    Any Advice???

  20. Tamanna says:

    Hi, i think i may have deleted my photos and videos from program data by accident. Am i able to retrieve it at all. :(

  21. Tamanna says:

    Hi, i think i may have deleted my photos and videos from program data by accident. Am i able to retrieve it at all?

  22. shaurya says:

    Hey I had pix in my hide it pro app which I saved in my sd card as I wanted a software update for my galaxy s advance..but after d update I can’t find my hidden files..can u pls help me to retrieve the same with step by step solution. .

  23. shaurya says:

    Can somebody please help..

  24. Nickiatnite says:

    I am now using an iPhone and someone stole my galaxys3 that I had the hide it pro app on. Is it possible to recover these files from somewhere online???

  25. Elle says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!!!!
    For some reason it stopped working and my messages are showing up on my phone…this is very very bad. i have reinstalled..i have tried everything. Pls tell me what to do. i just wanna myapp to work as it was yesterday…perfectly!!!!!

  26. abhijeet says:

    I had hidden some important pics and videos using this aap it was there 3 days back know it’s all gone don’t know how. I need all that data badly. It’s very important data and to secured also .
    Plz help me and tell me how to retrieve it.

  27. jahnavi says:

    by mistakely i hav deltd my photos on hide it pro..
    can u please temme how to get back dos photos?

    • donmiguelc C says:

      For those of you who uninstalled the app and reinstalled at and can’t find your photos or videos, 1st back into your audio manager, aat the bottom you will see settings icon in your audio manager. Click on this, 2) go to advanced settings, 3rd look for the icon that says missing files and click it. Your audio manager well then find any old files and restore them.

      • fury says:

        There isnt any thing like missing files in the advanced settings any other option ive lost all of my ‘dear’ sms.. coz I unistalled the call n sms blocker by mistake how do I get my sms back????

  28. Kay says:

    My app won’t launch any of the hidden apps or allow me to hide any new ones. Was working just fine till today! Can you help?

  29. says:

    My galaxy s4 auto updated today & now my messages from my 1 contact are coming through regular text & hidden. Anyone know how to fix this? I uninstalled & reinstalled the app & no change. The messages are both in my regular & hidden files

  30. Neeta says:

    I have done factory reset and all my photos lost hided in hide it pro… how can I recover them…Please help

  31. smcdonaldaz says:

    I tried to unhide a folder in this app and during the process the app crashed. Now when I look in the ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr folder it is not there. I tried the find lost files and nothing is recovered. Are all my pics gone for good?

  32. robbo says:

    I have installed hide it pro on my rooted S3 with kitkat 4.4.4 Whenever I try to hide any pictures or videos from the gallery the app crashes, the image is added to hide it pro but remains in the gallery. If I create a folder from within the app it crashes and only the folder is there and not the image I try to hide. Do you have any kind of fix for this?

  33. arun asto says:

    i have removed ma memory card without restoring the files, while i re inserted the mem all my hidden files are missed. how to retrieve my missed files??
    anybody plz help

  34. yaj says:

    Hi, i have installed audio manager to replace my old version of audio manager. I have checked my files on both app, both have my files. Then i unistalled the my old audio manager, now i cant find my files. Can u help me? Please?

  35. Wiz says:

    Can I hide my messages and call logs which were already existing, before installing audio manager?

  36. Ivy says:

    My galaxy s3 was stolen a few days ago and I am worried about my hidden files in the audio manager. Is it possible that whoever now has the possession of my phone and reset it to factory settings can have access to my hidden files? Thank you. Will appreciate an immediate response.

  37. Estavan says:

    Great app, I formatted the phone without doing any backs, is it possible to get the files? if so how?

  38. james mckinney says:

    I applied the software update my Galaxy S4 active and now my text messages are no longer hidden. how can this problem be fixed?

  39. FRK says:

    I have reset my phone and again i reinstall hide it pro app. Now i cant find my hidden files. Please help …
    Please response….

  40. Guru says:

    I used Hide it pro on Samsung galaxy s advance with jelly bean when I downgraded it to ginger bread and installed hide it pro my files were gone. Pls tell me a way to get it back!

  41. web site says:

    Thank you for every other informative web site.
    The place else could I get that type of information written in such a perfect
    manner? I have a project that I’m simply now operating on, and
    I have been on the glance out for such info.

    • Girish says:

      I deleted a few files by mistake from within the app
      is there a way i can recover these files ?
      I uninstalled and re installed the app again.
      What should i do ?

  42. abhay says:

    i had been using this application for photo videos sms…unfortunately my mobile is broke down in accident but sd card is with me..can I recover all the files from sd card to laptop (sony vaio)pls help me

  43. joice says:

    i accidently done factory data reset.all the files in audio manager is lost.i want it back.its very important.I NEED A REPLY.PLEASE…………FOR GOD SAKE………

  44. khan says:

    i had format my sd card an i lost all my data ist psbl i got my hidden data???? plzz gave me rply…

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  46. moneer says:

    Help please !!
    I can’t change the vault location into the external sd card .. any ideas

  47. Gemms says:


    I am in the same situation as a number of previous posters, but following the advice provided to them did not remedy my situation. My moblie has a damaged screen, so am unable to access hide it pro app through phone to unhide files. When I navigate to android/language/fr there is no files visable (folder is empty, have tried ‘show hidden files’ to no avail).
    Any and all help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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  50. a900 says:

    how to restore my pictures …because my sd card is not been detected in my cell phone its got corrupted ….any solution plzzzz

  51. Marcus says:

    It doesn’t change the vault location to my SD card? Even when I try in the advanced settings tab it won’t do it. Please help I’m running out of space on my storage

  52. megan says:

    When i move photos to my hidden app, they go there but still stay in my gallery as well…. it wont let me delete them either?? Help!

  53. Brandon says:

    Loved the app until I cleaned my phone with the Clean Master app. Clean Master deleted all my pictures! Saved from my texts and put back in Hide it pro only to have Clean Master delete them again! How do I prevent this?

  54. parth says:

    I changed my phone and moved the sd card from the previous phone to the new phone but audio manager has not come and is not in the previous phone as well nor are the hidden files . What shall I do?

  55. akshit says:

    Hi..i have a rooted phone n i jst hide some apps but the apps are now not in the hide box so i rebooted my phone uninstalled audio manager and tried many times but nothing is working the main problem is dat i have hidden ‘my files’ folder also….

    • Girish says:

      I deleted a few files by mistake from within the app
      is there a way i can recover these files ?
      I uninstalled and re installed the app again.
      What should i do ?

  56. asawarideo says:

    I changed the location of the vault in the audiomanager which took long,n then all my pictures got deleted,how to retrieve the back now.also i tried using the recuva link but still couldnot recover.plz help.

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  58. I have got exciting having, bring about I came across what precisely I’d been trying to find. You could have finished my a number of working day prolonged search! The almighty Many thanks man. Have a great working day. L8rs

  59. kranthi kumar vanni says:

    while unhiding the apps my mobile got crashed and files got deleted from my mobile on its own… how can i get them back..??

    those are very precious files plz help…

  60. kranthi kumar vanni says:

    while unhiding the videos, pictures, my mobile got crashed and files got deleted from my mobile on its own… how can i get them back..??

    those are very precious files plz help…

  61. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere?
    A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really
    make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design.

    Thank you

  62. tommy says:

    the app crash after I changed the way to get to the app, before I use audio icon and then I changed it to daily joke, after that I try to re-open the app, it wont work. those are my most precious stuff in there, i’m never able to get stuff like that twice or more. so, anybody Help Me out. please.. thank you for your help.. hit me on BBM 2bbffbb1
    sooner better

  63. apacheindian says:

    Hi. I had some pics hidden by hide it pro and ive factory resetted my phone. Is there any way those pics can be seen or viewed? Actually i sold off that phone and instead of deleting pics manually i did factory reset.. Please reply

  64. surabhi says:

    bymistakely i hv deleted my images in audio manager nd nw i want it back i followed instructiin given 2 get them back bt not working m tensed wat to do pls help me

  65. Tiphani says:

    I just lost my SD chip, is there Any way i can retrieve my picture that i had in my audio manager from using my email address or something? Please Please Pleèase HELP

  66. Dear Team
    I had installed this app in Galaxy Note handset, but suddenly i given this handset to my friend after factory reset.
    So now i want to know that can i retrieve my missing files like pics. videos and other personal documents from that handset or another handset.
    Please reply it is very urgent for me. I am very tensed about my data.
    That is related to my personal cum profession.

    Please support to retrieve my data any how????

    Arash Deep

  67. Shubham Pawar says:

    I want all the hidden Photos From My motorola Razr Which has a software Problem. If i try to solve The software from all the media files gonna get deleted so how can i get my photos back from audio manager in my new phones pls help

  68. Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to know a lot approximately this, like
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    caan doo with some p.c. to power the message home a little bit, butt other
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    definitely be back.

  69. kartik says:

    I lost my data of hide it pro by reseting my phone I want to recover it…
    Please tell me how can i do it
    Its urgent
    Thank you

  70. Sangavi says:

    I forgot my phone password and now i need to reset my phone.All the data will get erased.But can i restore my files by installing audio manager again?

  71. sonu says:

    I accidently cleared my file manager and lost all my data in Audio manager.. those were very important
    Please help…plz plz soon.

  72. roma says:

    Plsss urgently help me.. my phonr is encrpt and all data is deleted… in audio manager my numb of imp pics and documents were der.. but at present that app is not avail in play store… plsss do help me hoe to get data back… plsss urgently help

  73. manish says:

    I have deleted my pics from audio manager accidentally pls help me how can I recover them I m hving note 2 it has been 2 months that my pics were deleted pls help me

  74. karan says:

    hi i have by mistake deleted my all data which i saved in audio manager and sold my old phone and not when i inserted my memory card in another phone i saw all my data deleted not able to recover .. Can anyone help me to recover my all pics and videos plseee…

  75. mohd sartaj says:

    hi i have by mistake deleted my all data which i saved in audio manager and sold my old phone and not when i inserted my memory card in another phone i saw all my data deleted not able to recover .. Can anyone help me to recover my all pics and videos pls

  76. When I hide file through Android manager, it’s in file manager (. Fr folder ) please give me a solution through which completely hide file in Android phone.

  77. When I hide file through Audio manager, it’s in file manager (. Fr folder ) please give me a solution through which completely hide file in Android phone.

  78. Anshul says:

    I tried unhinding a complete folder. Now only one or two images are available in that folder. Rest all, i am not able to find. Pls Help!

  79. rajwinder says:

    I have been using this app since long but dont know what hpmd nw I had photos in it and by mistake I formatted my phone is there any way to get my pics back they aa really very spcl to me pllzzzzz help

  80. SAKURA says:

    I hit ‘clear data ‘ for audio manager through Settings> Apps. And now all the data in the app is lost. Does it mean they’re deleted from the vault ? Please tell me if there’s a way to recover the images :(

  81. moinkhan says:

    I had hide my pics and videos and i was seeing the aaps setting sudenly i click clear my current video player and my files were delet so how can i recover it please help.

  82. cg says:

    Hi I installed the application clean master and I ran part of the program and then I hit stop because I thought I should back up my phone first but then when I did that I went into my vault and all my pictures and videos were gone. is there a way to recover them after using that program clean master? let me know please. I have a droid razr maxx hd. Please help

  83. pradeep says:

    howi recover my hide photos from audio manager pls help me

  84. ankit says:

    Hiiii I have hidden some important photos in audio manager and regularity I check all file but 3 day ago all files are missing and now a time also not shown my all files ……plz….tell me how I recovered all files ….plz….

  85. Sumit Kwatra says:

    I accidentally uninstalled “Audio Manager” hide it pro app from my Samsung galaxy note 2 resulting in loss my important images and video files ….
    I found many software describing deleted data retrieval but nothing talks about data deleted along with the app.
    Please help me in this regard ASAP

  86. Mail User says:


    My application has crashed and I wanted to retrive my data. I did connect my android device to computer and I found my data under the following path:
    The only problem is that all my data (pictures and movies) are in a format that my computer does not recognize. Anyway, I saved all data to computer in order to re-install the application and hopefully regain my data.
    I hope this will help.
    All the best.

  87. shankar says:

    I had all my pics and videos hidden in my audio manager. But suddenly I am not able to see anything of it. Is it because I deleted few unwanted files in my file manager.? Help me retrieve it. Those pics mean a lot to me.

  88. heena vasani says:

    This app is not workin in my new LG3 Stylus mobile
    The hide it pro is not working.
    Kindly help
    I vl die witout this app in my cel;-(

  89. JT says:

    I had this app with files hidden in it and broke my old phone, when I got a new one it was a different model phone and the files would not appear, I tried the in app e-mail recovery, I have since lost that SD card is there anyway to recover the files without it or if I find it other than the e-mail find my missing files?

  90. mike says:

    Please Help!!
    I love hide it pro but I had very important stuff on the notes in hide it pro and I wanted to copy them so I moved the vault location to download because I didnt know where the files where but I got an error while changing locations and when I went back my notes were gone!!! I checked the .fr folder and found some note file but I dont know if its it bacause I cant open the file and its not in hide it?

  91. emmy says:

    its really very imp for me …i had ths app on my note 2 i saved my girl frnds photos in tht jst 3 days back i rooted my mob and i hav also created a back up of tht bt i donno hw to get back the data and tht app because i couldnt find tht app in back up pls some hlp its relle urgent…….

  92. nazi says:

    Hi,I have reset my phone and again i reinstall hide it pro app. Now i cant find my hidden files. Please help …Please response….
    I think that this program for hide the files changed the prefix of name of files for twice…. althouth my idea is find the hidden files are impossible.
    I can find my files but they damaged….
    Please help me in find my files

  93. chini says:

    I have galaxy mega 5.8 i have deleted my photos by mistake i want to recover them they are very important.. Bt my phone does not get connect with pc it does not shows the option of usb it connects with pc as a portable device so i m unable to recover photos beacuse evere software wants phone in removable disk to recover photos..pls help me how can i get my pics back..

  94. chini says:

    I have galaxy mega 5.8 i have deleted my photos from hide it pro by mistake i want to recover them they are very important.. Bt my phone does not get connect with pc it does not shows the option of usb it connects with pc as a portable device so i m unable to recover photos beacuse evere software wants phone in removable disk to recover photos..pls help me how can i get my pics back..

  95. revanth says:

    I lost my mobile..i hav hidden sme important files in hide in to erase those files??

  96. imzzy says:

    I have moved ma images frm phone memory to laptop then put it back nw ma pics are nt thr in audio manager plzz help

  97. kritika says:

    I accidentally delete the language file and all my photos are deleted. how can I get them back. plz help me

  98. kuldeep says:


    As many of the users are already under the crisis of recovering deleted files from the Audio Manager (Hide It Pro). It is a request to the developer of the app or any other person who has any idea regarding the issue of recovering deleted files from the app then please share it. User of this app in high demand to recover their deleted files.

    Thank you

  99. jessica says:

    I have emailed the publisher several times and no reply. I had this app on my galaxy s3 that broke, I reinstalled app on my note 4 and my files are gone. Those pictures are extremely important!! I NEED THEM BACK! Does this publisher even address this app any longer?? HEEEEELLLLOOOOO PEOPLE NEED HELP HERE!

  100. umair says:

    Plz help I moved audio manager to my new memory card nw I cnt find my images I had hide plz help

  101. Eldrick says:

    I have the app but some How my contacts have disappeared. everything else is there but no contacts. is there a way to get them back? thanks!!

  102. I forgot password and I pressed the button”Forgot password?”But it became an error.There’s no message in my email.What should I do?Please help me

  103. Deepak says:

    My phone had software issue but before giving it for repair i took complete backup of everything. Now after restoring everything when i opened Audio Manager my all hidden pics have gone. Please help me to retrieve my pics.

  104. chasity says:

    I accidentally factor reset my phone and my app for hide it pro got deleted and so did my pics how can I get them back

  105. sushant waghmare says:

    I am chating with my friends in the Hide It pro.but I got the twice sms from that side. even they are received twice same massage.
    can u help me with the same.


  106. Bryan Blackstock says:

    My charging port went out on my Galaxy Note 2. I had some files I want out of there is there anyway to recover them?

  107. Rupesh Dand says:

    Accidently I deleted all those pics that i had moved to audio manager app.
    I want to retrieve all those pics. How can I get all my pics back. Please help..

  108. somnath says:

    Accidently I deleted all those pics that i had moved to audio manager app.
    I want to retrieve all those pics. How can I get all my pics back. Please help..
    That pic not showing as per mention path
    sdcard/language/fr and so please help me its very urgent and important pis…

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