Googles URL Shortner App Now On Android

When posting on social networks, sometimes you need to watch your character count per post. And in the past, Google has been there to provide a decent solution with their URL shortener website, Up until now, it has only been available by navigating to the site. But now, the Android app is finally here, and it does just about everything you could ask for.

Considered by some to be part of the glue of the social web, URL shorteners may have fallen a little by the wayside since the earlier days of Twitter and Facebook, but they still have their place. They take an often long and unsightly URL (for example, a Google Maps URL) and present it in a much shorter, easier to share form.

Google URL Shortener now on Play Store


And for those of you who dont know about it, Google has such a URL shortener, called simply, and with this service, you can take those large URLs, and shrink them to one that will probably be much smaller, and easier to tap out in a message or email if you need. A long Google Maps URL, to use that example, could be over a hundred characters long. A shortened URL could be just Much easier!

Snapshot of Googles URL Shortener website

The app syncs into your Google account, so you have access to any short URLs youve previously created (and you can get analytics on other URLs as well). Short URLs can be starred for easy access — and creating new short URLs is as simple as pasting the full resource into the app.

Making these short URLs is now much easier with Thomas Devaux’s new app. You can share URLs to it from a web browser, paste them in to the app directly from any other source, and bam, it spits out a nice short URL which you can in turn share with most Android apps, social networking sites, messaging tools and the like.

The URL shortener app


The Google URL shortener app requires Android 4.0 and up. It’s optimized for smartphones with a single column UI, while 7-inch and 10-inch tablets will show the same data in two or three columns of sleek information cards. You can also save and access data offline, in case you need to recheck a specific figure, and even look back at your link-shortening history. Checkout our giveaway of google play gift cards at



Now, go check it out(link below) and let us know if you liked it in the comments below.

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