Free Xbox Gift Cards And It’s Benefits

Xbox gift cards are gift cards from Microsoft that could be used for purchasing digital things like movies, games, apps, songs and other related things. Let us how we can redeem and use this card.

Steps to redeem your free Xbox gift cards

  1. The very first thing you need to do for the redemption of your Xbox gift card is to open up your PC and then to open your favorite browser in that.
  2. After this step, visit the page https// This page will lead you directly to your Microsoft account.
  3. Once you are on the accounts page, you have to sign in your account by entering the necessary details.
  4. When the signing-in process is done, find the option, redeem and click on it.
  5. Once that is done, enter the code of your Xbox card and you are done.
  6. On this page only, you can see that there are options where you can see your account balance. You can even gift a card to your loved ones from here.

Benefits Of Free Xbox gift cards

Following is the list of a few of the things for which Xbox gift cards could be used.

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1. Buying Xbox games

The best use one can do of free Xbox gift codes us to buy a game from it. There are a lot of Xbox games that we like to play but do not have with us, as it requires money to buy them all. If you have got an Xbox gift card, then you can use it for buying an Xbox game.

If you buy the game using Xbox gift card, you can get discounts also. There is a whole list of games that you can buy. It includes Battlefield 1, The flame in flood, Gears of War 4, Dragon age inquisition and so on. If you do a quick research about these games, then you will come to know that these are the most popular games are known for their amazing game plays.

2. Movies and TV programs

Along with the games, one can even buy movie and TV programs using the Xbox gift card. There is an entire range of TV programs and movies in the Microsoft store, and if you have free Xbox gift cards, you can avail them using it.

You can easily save these TV programs offline and then can see them while traveling and at other points when you are short of the internet. Few of the suggestions that you can consider downloading are Inside Out, The Martian, The Wolf of Wall Street, etc.

3. Music albums

There are few of the albums that we all love, but cannot listen to it, because they are not free of cost. If they are available on Microsoft store, you can purchase them using your Xbox gift card.

If you know someone who is a game and music enthusiast and cannot get the access of any of these things, you can gift this card to him, and he will be more than happy.