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17 Sep , 2012  


Announced at the Google I/O, July 2012, the Asus Google Nexus 7 has been one of the most talked about Android tablets in the market. Equipped with Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and impressive specs in the form of a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz and a twelve-core 416 MHz Nvidia GeForce ULP GPU ,1GB RAM and a 7″ LED-backlit IPS display at low prices of US $199/$249 for 8GB/16GB models respectively makes it a really good buy.

But not everything comes good at a low price. We have already seen how to record 720p videos instead of the default 480p resolution on the Google Nexus 7′s front-facing camera with a simple mod.

Today we another simple mod which will enable Full Tablet UI experience on the Google Nexus 7. Many people have been disappointed with the Google Nexus 7 running the phone interface for portions of the OS, rather than the tablet-optimized interface seen on all Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich running tablets. Google didn’t specify any reason for locking the Nexus 7 home-screen into portrait orientation, but the reason maybe its 7-inch screen-size that is easy to grab single-handed and use for tasks like reading.

Credit goes to XDA Senior Member SladeNoctis for this simple fix to this limitation. You can refer to the original post for more. Here, we will tell you guys in simple words what is to be done to enable a full-fledged tablet experience on the Google Nexus 7.


AndroidNova.org will not be held responsible if you lose precious data or your device gets damaged in the following of this guide. Proceed at your own risk. This guide assumes that you have unlocked bootloader of and gained root access to your Nexus 7. If you wish to make system-level changes on your Android tablet, both are a necessary requirement. Just keep in mind that this will void your warranty.


1. Unlocked bootloader and Root access
2. Have a Nandroid backup and a backup of your original build.prop (just in case)
3. Any file explorer that has root access to your system files like File Expert, ES File Explorer etc.


Once you have enabled tablet UI you can change your font size by going into the display settings to your preferred size.



—> Method 1 (Recommended):

  1. Download and install ROM Toolbox Lite from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Go to Performance and press the build.prop editor.
  4. Locate the line with “ro.sf.lcd_density.”
  5. Change the DPI to 175 or below.
  6. Once done, tap OK and close the app.
  7. Reboot your Android tablet.

—> Method 2:

  1. Install a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer and enable the app’s root access option.
    • In ES File Explorer, for example, go to Settings and enable Allow Mount Rewritable and Root Access.
  2. Using your file manager app, go to /system and you will find the build.prop file. Copy the file and paste it to another folder to serve as a backup file.  Make sure you remember where you copied it to.
  3. Open the original build.prop file in a text editor and look for “ro.sf.lcd_density”.
    • ES File Explorer has its own text editor called ES Text Editor.
  4. The original LCD density value should be set to 213. Change it into 175 or lower.
  5. Save the build.prop changes that you made by pressing the Menu key.
  6. Once done, you may now restart your Nexus 7 to boot into full tablet UI mode.

—> Method 3:

  1. Download and install the BuildProp Editor app.
  2. Open the app and navigate to /system. Open the build.prop file.
  3. Locate the line with “ro.sf.lcd_density.”
  4. The original LCD density should be 213. Change it to 175 or below to get the tablet UI.
  5. Save the file and reboot your tablet.





Using the Google Nexus 7 in full tablet UI will definitely make the whole Jelly Bean experience better. For doubts and queries head over to the official thread over on XDA Developers.

Video Guide:

Cheers and have a great day.for more visit www.AndroidNova.org

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