Chromecast hacked : Is it end of Android ?

An Ethical hacker have found a way to boot their own kernel in Chromecast. The problem is Chromecast verifies the cryptographic signature of the new kernel, and even if it fails the verification, it boots the new kernel anyway.

This also raises a question, why brand a product as Chrome when it uses an Android Kernel ? Many feared that this may be a sign that Google plans to stop Android in near future.

Richi Jennings from have tracked some blogs and quoted some portion of them in his blog to demonstrate a short discussion on this topic Why would Google want to end its own baby ?

CJ Heres is the one who booted unsigned kernel on Chromecast. He says, the signature verfication for USB boot mode never been checked and that is how he booted his unsigned kernel. He wonders why Google shipped a product in the name of Chrome, when its bootloader, kernel, init scripts, binaries, are all from the Google TV, which runs Android.

Daniel Eran Dilger foresees this may be sign of the end of Android era. He notices, Google is now giving more priority to ChromeOS than to Android. Saying Chomecast uses ChromeOS is one of them. In companys IO developer convention, ChromeOS has more session every day than Android. Google has replaced the head of Android as the head of ChromeOS. These several hints says, Google is heading in a direction which is not safe for Android. Google might understand, ChromeOS is not ready yet to replace Android, may be that is why Chromecast still powered by Android components, but the future days of Android, seems to be ending soon.

Sean Riley says Chromecast might replace Google TV in near future. Aigars Mahinovs has thought about dump the flash, recreate the bootable image and run Chromecast on Raspberry Pi.

While all gossips have started to go around the launch of Chromecast, do not forget to leave a comment what YOU think about this.