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Top 5 AOSP Based ROMs for Galaxy S3.

8 Jun , 2013  

The communities for Samsung phones contain ROMs of two types : -

  1. Samsung Based (TouchWiZ ROMs).
  2. AOSP Based ROMs.


Today, we will look at the top 5 AOSP based ROMs for Galaxy S3.

Coming to the Galaxy S3, the phone has been in the market for over a year and quite a few good ROMs have been developed for the S3 since then. As such, the “Top 5/10 ROMs” list varies from user to user but here I list some of the popular and best performing ROMs based on features, performance, looks, customizing abilities and consumer satisfaction. So, here we go.

5) Number 5 on the list is PACMAN ROM.


The “PAC” in PACMAN stands for Paranoid Android, A.O.K.P, CyanogenMod 10.1. Yes you heard that right, it contains features of all the three ROMs. It contains customization features from all of the three ROMs including the famous Pie Controls and Tablet UI/Phablet UI from Paranaoid Android. Other famous features include,

  • Per app DPI (PA 3+).
  • Per app color (PA 3+).
  • CM Profiles (CM 10.1).
  • Hardware keys control (AOKP).
  • Enable all widgets in Lockscreen (AOKP).
  • Lockscreen shortcuts.
  • inid.d scripts support.
  • Other CM10.1 features like statusbar, notification drawer customization, etc.

No game incase of Halo notifications and multiwindow till now since these features are still in Beta stage and the sources for these have not been released.

PACMAN Screenshots - AndroidNova.ord

The kernel included in the ROM is the default CM10.1 kernel. Although the ROM is pretty good and has very good customization features, the battery backup provided by the ROM is not as good as one would like to have. Also, because of so many customization features, it took quite a lot of time to get familiar with all of them and testing/trying them. You can though get a little better battery backup with custom kernels like Siyah and Googy. Because of these reasons, it lands up in 5th.

For the video review of PACMAN ROM for the Galaxy S3, click here.

Head over to the main thread on XDA for more details and download links by clicking here.


4) Number in the list is Paranoid Android 3+ : -


Yes, you heard that right, PA 3.5x, the first true ROM with Hybrid UI, on the Galaxy S3. The ROM is open source and is made by Android enthusiasts. Paranoid Android comes with the familiar HOLO launcher that we know of and has some beautiful inbuilt wallpapers. The ROM contains several customization features including the famous PIE Controls, Tablet/Phablet UI and the newly introduced Halo notifications. This ROM is not just tablet mode, this ROM lets you scale and project every app, every widget, even system components individually. Some of the important features of the latest Paranoid Android ROM are as follows : -

  • Per app DPI.
  • Per app color.
  • PIE Controls.
  • Tablet UI/Phablet UI/Normal UI.
  • Halo Notifications.
  • Integrated Multiwindow.
  • Hardware keys control
  • Lockscreen customizations.
  • Theme Manager.

Paranoid Android -

Other features include LED notifications, statusbar, notification and drawer customizations such as, battery bar style, statusbar transparency, tiles in notification drawer etc which are nowadays expected in most AOSP based ROMs.

It also has the CM 10.1 Theme Manager using which you can install any theme that is compatible with CM10.1. The most interesting feature of the ROM however is the Halo notifications feature in PA 3.5x. It is a new way of dealing with notifications and is absolutely amazing. Check out the video review of Halo below.

Summarizing, PA 3.5x is a beautiful ROM. Users cry in awe as they see the UI and the smoothness of the ROM. But again, this ROM does not provide that good battery backup as compared to the ROMs top in the list and also, there are a few bugs. The PA team is working hard to solve the drain issues. For more information, support and downloads, visit the thread on XDA here.

Click here for the video review of PA 3+ on Galaxy S3. (Source, Android Authority).

3) Number 3 in the list, we have SuperNexus ROM :-

Yet another great ROM for the Galaxy S3. This ROM gives you a pure Vanilla Android experience without any modifications and customizations. SuperNexus is entirely built from Google’s AOSP Source with a lot of improvements and optimizations for the best possible Vanilla Android Experience.
The ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean and features all Jellybean features and apps. If you use this ROM on your S3, then you will feel as if you are using a Nexus device. There is no bloatware and no third party apps at all in the ROM, nice and clean. The performance of the ROM is also pretty good and the battery backup is also commendable. There are quite a few optimizations done in the ROM so that there are reduced wakelocks and battery drain is minimum. The kernel used in the ROM is the CM kernel with optimizations. The camera app is also heavily modified to fill in the limitations of the stock Android Camera app. Some of the main features of the ROM are as follows : -
  • Android Source Code vastly improved and optimized (i.e. Bionic, Dalvik, Webkit, Framework, libcore, SQlite etc)
  • Official Jelly Bean Bootanimation
  • Init.d Support
  • EXT4 File System Optimizations
  • Improved Scrolling Cache
  • WebKit Highly Improved and Optimized (Ultra Smooth Browsing)
  • Camera Features:- Burst Shot, ISO Mode, Power Shutter, Color Effects, Shutter Timer.
  • Reduced Boot Time.

SuperNexus -

Now there are a lot of things that the developer has cherry picked from CM 10.1 and AOKP, but, there is no CM10.1 Theme Engine in the ROM. And that is A-OK, since the main aim of the ROM is to provide a pure Vanilla Android experience, and there is no theme engine in Vanilla Android. Also, no need of spending and hour setting up the ROM initial settings like in other AOSP ROMs. Since this is based on pure Vanilla Android, the settings are nice, easy and simple. There are no statusbar, notification drawer, lockscreen modification options in the ROM which is a plus point for some, but also a minus point for many others.

For the video review of the SupernNexus ROM on the Galaxy S3, click here.

For a full list of changelogs, features and download links of the ROM, click here.


2) Lets take a look at the number 2 in the list, Temasek’ s ROM : -


CM10.1 Temasek' s ROM.


Temasek’ s ROM is largely based on the CM10.1 (Android 4.2.2 JellyBean) build for the Galaxy S3. But it also has quite a few cherry picks from Slim ROM and AOKP which are very useful. The major credit does however goes to CM team for making CM for the S3 in the first place (codeworkx, XpLoDWilD, Entropy512 and team). The developer of the ROM makes frequent builds and does provide pretty good support. The customization features provided in the ROM are quite extensive and are enough to satisfy an average man’ s need to customize.

Also, since it is based on CM10.1, the ROM contains CM Team’ s theme engine. All themes compatible for CM10.1 work on the ROM. Some of the inportant cherrypicks from Slim ROM and AOKP include customizations related to statusbar, notification drawer and lockscreen and overall DPI of the screen. There are no third party apps in the ROM. It is totally clean, no bloatware.

The important features of the ROM are as follows,

  • SlimPIE controls.
  • Init.d scripts support.
  • Statusbar customizations.
  • Notification drawer customizations.
  • Notification drawer shortcuts.
  • Lockscreen customizations.
  • Wolfson/Boeffla Sound (Kernel specific).
  • sTweaks support.
  • Permissions Management Settings.
  • Custom hardware keys.
  • Custom kernel with reduced kernel wakelocks.

Temasek' s ROM -

The ROM comes with the stock CM10.1 kernel but the developer of the ROM recommends to use the ROM in conjunction with Temasek’ s kernel (the developer of the Kernel being Temasek himself) which is largely based on Perseus Kernel. It also has several features from Siyah and Googy kernel. Also, the kernel is compatible with sTweaks app which can be used to tweak the performance settings related to the kernel like minimum/maximum frequencies, ABB control, UV control, LED control etc. There are 2 versions of the kernel, one being the Boeffla version and other being the Wolfson version. Boeffla and Wolfson referring to the modification applied to the sound output of the ROM.

The ROM along with the recommended kernel provides excellent (if properly tweaked, the best among the lot) battery backup without hindering the performance.

For the full list of changelogs, features and download list, check out the official thread on XDA here.

For the video review of the ROM, click here.

It was pretty difficult to choose between the top two contenders for the number one spot. but finally we ended up with Temasek’ s ROM in second place. Now lets finally take a look at the number one.


1) Number 1 in the list is Slim Bean : -


Slim ROM Logo -


The Slim Bean ROM is full of goodies and features that everyone will surely enjoy. Based on Android 4.2.2, the ROM also contains the CM Theme Engine so all themes that work for CM10.1 will also work with Slim Bean. The Slim Bean team also provides Slim GApps which are a customized set of GApps. Also, there is a feature called “The Real Dark Slim” which actually inverts the whole ROM including the GApps as well with one click.

The ROM is excellent from the performance point of view and also has quite a lot of visual customizations built in to satisfy everyone’ s need (most of them atleast). The Slim Bean team provided weekly builds of the ROM fixing bugs and introduxing new features based upon user feedbaack. So, support is also pretty good. Let us quickly go through the important features of the ROM : -

  • SlimPIE controls.
  • The Real Dark Slim – “Inverted ROM including GApps”.
  • Statusbar customizations – Clock color/position, Battery icon, Signal icon etc.
  • Notification drawer customizations.
  • Notification drawer shortcuts.
  • Lockscreen customizations and shortcuts.
  • Hardware key customization.
  • Custom Quick Settings tiles.
  • Customized kernel made by Slim Team.

SlimBean -

The battery backup provided with the stock kernel is pretty good although you can also try other AOSP supported kernels with the ROM (like Siyah and Googy). Summarizing, Slim ROM is a nice, smooth and rock solid stable ROM and is excellent for everyday use. Its performance, ease of use, theming features and stability put in the top of the list of various AOSP based ROMs for Galaxy S3.

Click here to see the video review of the Slim Bean.

For a full list of features, changelogs and download links, click here to visit the official thread.

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