Android 4.2 Features and Rumors

The new version of Android, i.e. Android 4.2 will supposedly be announced on October 29th in the Google event. But the new version will still be called Jellybean according to the reports. A radical change in the outlook and features is not expected. So, we will have to wait for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie to get anything breathtaking.

Till then, lets see what new features Google brings into the picture with its new version of the OS.

Android 4.2 Name : –

As we have already stated, the new version of the OS will not be Key Lime but, but it will still be called Jellybean. But no need to get disappointed. Just because its not Key Lime Pie does not mean there are not any improvements or features. There are some cool new features that are on the way in the new update.

Android 4.2 Features : –

From what we have found out, Android 4.2 is going to have a new button in the notification bar to allow access to quick settings. Contrary to the Touchwiz framework of the Samsung ROMs, where there are quick settings toggles in the notification drawer which one can access after dropping down, in Android 4.2, there will a single button in the notification bar which will lead to a zone where one can perform functions like turning on and off the Wi-Fi, bluetooth, flight mode etc.


This feature isnt that exciting and new as most of the custom ROMs like CM, AOKP ROMs and MIUI already have the notification toggles embedded in the notification drawer. There are various updates regarding this feature all over the place, so dont be surprised if it changes again before the Monday launch – or gets dropped altogether.

The other big change is in the Gallery app, which will see the UI become a bit more open and surrounded by white frames, in a bid to make Android look that little bit more professional once more.

There are also reports that suggest that there are going to be revamped icons for Gallery and Camera apps. Another minor feature in Android 4.2 will let you dismiss your data counter when you get warned youre heading close to the limit you pre-set.

There are also various rumors of Project Roadrunner, the successor of Project Butter which will focus mainly on improving the battery life but not much details are known about it. Other rumors and features include an update of the Google Play store with new features like extra billing options, easier in app purchases, and personalization.

Another very useful feature that is said to be included is the ability to set multiple user accounts . This will allow users to set the apps they want for their own accounts. This was found out  by Android Police, who noted that some apps required permissions for different users on the same device.

Another new cool feature will be the inclusion of parental controls right into the OS which will allow the Admin to change the interaction each other user has with the OS.

Android 4.2 Devices : –

It is expected that several devices running the new version of Android 4.2 will be announced on October 29th in the Google event with the LG Nexus 4 being one of them. Other devices include the new version of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10  both of which will be running on Android 4.2.


Android 4.2 is set to launch on October 29th in the Google event along with the announcement of three new Nexus devices.