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Droidsync live feeds

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Published on: April 5, 2014

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Published on: March 29, 2014
DroidSync 2014 , Mumbai -
DroidSync 2014 , Mumbai -

Howdy Readers,

Remember we notified you about the upcoming event, DroidSync 2014, in Mumbai on April 5th, by Mr. NitroDroid aka Prajyot Mainker that will be covering all aspects of Android Ecosystem and even hosting the Fist Android App Expo in Mumbai. :)

Buzz is that we had recently recieved the final list of speakers that are going to be a part in the connference.

Speakers at DroidSync 2014, Mumbai -
Speakers at DroidSync 2014, Mumbai -

Mr. Boaz Gilon, is an International Speaker and will be delivering a talk on App Moneytization.

Mr. Aravind Krishnaswami, is one of the core organizer of India’s largest Android Developer cum Buziness Conference, DroidCon India.

Mr. Santosh KS is the Senior Product Manager, Nokia India.

Mr. Ravi Vyas organizer  GDG BAUG, our mentor, a croud puller and had even played a major influencial role in even setting’s own GDG at Jodhpur.

Mr. Prateek Gujral, our very good friend and Senior Moderator at XDA Developers, who had recently represented XDA in The Big Android BBQ, USA would be there to enlighten the opportunities to work as a developer in XDA futher it is quite significant that XDA is coming down for the very first time in a techno-social conference in India.

And Mr. Amrit Sanjeev, an app enterpreneur with currently a very trending app in Google Play Store, named Paperboy, and is preffered more over Flipboard, and was recently featured on Google Developers Video Channel, for the Idea of enterprenuring Paperboy, find the video below :


So, if you are an enthusiast and passionate developer/enterpreneur, and still haven’t enrolled yourself for the conference, we do recommend you to be a part of it.

Also, since is a media sponserer for DroidSync 2014, our subscribers do get an aditional benifit of 20% discount on tickets of the event.

as an Sunscriber, you can use the discount coupon code “DroiDSynC14-Mumbai” while booking your tickets on DroidSync 2014, Mumbai’s Official Site.

Remember, just 6 days left, grab your ticket now and be a part of Mumbai’s first android app expo.

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Published on: March 29, 2014

“Women Techmakers” is a Google led initiative. The major aim is to empower women to pursue their own dreams and build tools that change the world.

As a part of this initiative, Google Developer Group – Ahmedabad organized an event named “Women Techmakers” last week. The event turned out to be a great success, providing knowledge, opportunities, networking and a totally new world of entrepreneurship to the women.

The event was held at The Pride Hotel, Ahmedabad on Saturday, March 22, and we are highly thankful to Mr. Paresh Mayani, the founder and organizer of Google Developers Group Ahmedabad, to make us a part of the Women Techmakers Ahmedabad Event and metioning us as the media sponser of the event.

One of the proud matters for GDG Ahmedabad is, that almost all the speakers, photographers, anchor and the attendees were women !

Starting with the keynote session by Mr Paresh Mayani, organizer, GDG Ahmedabad, it was followed by a series of motivational talks by Rama Moondra, Romin Irani, Kinnari Thaker Dave, Avani Makwana, Shital Shah, Ilaxi Patel, Nilambhari Solanki, Sneha Thakkar and Ruzan Khambhatta.

Rama mam, a perfect personality to inspire and motivate people ! She stressed upon leaving up stereotyping from one’s life and overcoming it with the inner confidence.

Romin Irani Sir, is a Google Developer Expert is 40-year young developer who believes that software can change lives. His talk on “Google Cloud Platform” opened a totally new angle for the non-tech audience over there.

Ilaxi Patel, Ruzan Khambhatta and Sneha Thakkar gave a quick overview of their journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. The audience was impressed by the online magazine –  “KidsFreeSoul” owner cum a grandmother Ilaxi mam, the “Police” heart Ruzan mam and the first generation entrepreneur Sneha from “Thakkar Technologies”.

Avani Makwana provided an effective and useful talk on “Effective Project Management” where she focussed on risk management, quality and the design. She advised people to stop focussing on the showstoppers and rather concentrate on opportunities. “Be Yourself !”

This was followed by an interesting talk on “Apponomics” by Kinnari Dave, giving a new dimensin to the  first of the regional smart phones.

Shital Shah, a woman who has returned to India from abroad with an aim of building a vibrant and intentional tech startup ecosystem in Ahmedabad, drew the attention of audience by her effective and perfect analysis of the present scenario of the startup ecosystem in Ahmedabad.

And the event ended with the talk of Nilambhari Solanki, a student entrepreneur who runs her own library called “Book Man” with a unique concept of “You ring, me bring”.

The fun factor of the event was the surprise games by the enthusiastic GDG team.

Thus, the event turned out to be a great encouragement to all the women present at the conference.

 “It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” 

Live Feeds from GDG Ahmedabad Women TechMakers 2014

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Published on: March 22, 2014

Howdy Reader,

welcome to the live feeds post of ongoing event of Women TechMakers by Google Developers Group Ahmedabad.

WomenTechmakers is an innitiative by Google Inc. and a global event season hosted by all Google Developers Group accross the globe to celebrate and salute the spirit of women techmakers..!

Our associate GDG Ahmedabad, leaded by Mr. Paresh Mayani, a senior reknowned android [...] Continue Reading…

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Published on: March 18, 2014

So its official the long wait for Indian consumers has come to an end finally. The sale of Moto X launch is slated to begin from 19th March and will be prices at Rs. 23,999 and Rs. 25,999/- for wood back finish version.

The rumours about the sale of Moto X was reported last week and the date was 19th [...] Continue Reading…

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Published on: March 18, 2014


Last time we gave you all a review on what exactly is Swappa and how it was made up to stand against giant marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. Today’s article will be all about how well it actually stands up against these well-known trade websites particularly Swappa vs eBay.

Swappa, set up for genuine buyers and sellers, is today a [...] Continue Reading…

[2014] Top 5 Android Games which you might not have known!

Hello everyone! I am writing after a very long time, so this time instead of focusing on one Particular game, I would want to make a list of Top 5 Android Games which I found most people don’t know about.

It ain’t the usual Dead Trigger 2 or Frontline Commando 2 or any other sequel particularly.

So without wasting much time, [...] Continue Reading…

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